Dive Without Tanks

A boat on the water means fun and relaxation – or at least that is the idea.  But things happen below the water line – things that can threaten a boat.  Lines around props, anodes that expire, thru-hulls that corrode, inlets that block.

Breath-hold diving for inspection, or in times of emergency is very limited in effect and time.  One can very quickly tire, and the thought of spending 10 or 20 minutes freeing a rope around a prop one breath at a time does not bear thinking about.

How about a system where with the flick of a switch, and a quick grab of a mask and regulator, one can quietly and calmly drop over the side to check, or to save your boat from disaster, knowing one thing you don't have to be concerned with, is breathing down there meters below the waterline.

PowerDive provides that solution – a simple, quality air supply system running from the 12V supply on your boat – and when you are finished with the work, you can take a friend for a dive to enjoy the wonders of the water below !