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10 Years Nano Innovation

 Boating can be rotten – the environment is unforgiving, and man-made materials can quickly succumb to the effects of this harsh environment of sun and water, wind and salt.

 A new shiny boat is a thing to behold – some owners spend many hours, dollars or both, in trying to maintain the ‘new look’ for as long as possible – often at the sacrifice of their boating time or budget.  Others try various products for a while only to end up realising the endless maintenance compromises their boating pleasure too much, and resign themselves to allowing their boat to age rather than sacrifice their valuable leisure time on the water.

There is an answer to this on-going issue.  LionProtect is designed from a new perspective to provide ‘new boat’ finishes above and below the waterline with minimal effort and expense, but maximum effect and durability.  Durability which can well exceed expectations, and effect which frankly can be astounding.

With LionProtect, boating can take on a new perspective, a new sense of pleasure - when low-effort, high durability preparations bring ‘new boat’ pride back to the water.